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AYSO Region 24 Staff

Executive Board of Directors

Position Member / E-mail
Regional Commissioner Armando Rodriguez
Assistant Commissioner Ramon Aguilar
Assistant Commissioner Paul Kim
Boys Registrar Sesilia Pasaye
Girls Registrar Maria Garcia
Safety Administrator/Director Joseph Sanfelippo
CVP Advocate Eulalia Obeso
Treasurer Carl Jackson
Secretary Ernie Corpuz
Coach Administrator Nelson Mancia
Referee Administrator Walter Hernandez
Purchaser Carla Reynoso

Board Members

Position Member / E-mail
Volunteer's Coordinator Alicia Ramirez
Director of Special Events/Pictures Alicia Ramirez
Spring Select Coordinator Carlos Escalante Jr.
Purchaser Assistant Doreen Corpuz
CVPA Assistant Open

Concessions Jamie Martinez
Fields Director Win Powell
Scheduler Robert Correa
Yearbook/Sponsorship Coordinator Mayra Dominguez
Referee Instructor Assistant Hank Strang
Assistant Referee Administrator Lucy Aguero
Safety Assistant Marcos Egurvide
Coach Instructor Francisco Cerna
Director of Facilities and Maintenance Win Powell
Trophies Garrett Obeso
Fall Fundraiser Coordinator Michael Rios
Webmaster Oscar Hernandez
Tournament Director Ramon Aguilar
Robert Correa

Division Managers and Coaching Staff

Position Member / E-mail
Coach Administrator / Extra Flex Cord. Nelson Mancia
Boys Assistant Coach Administrator Bruno Leal
Girls Assistant Coach Administrator Carlos Lara
U05 - Div 8 (Boys) Jose Mungaray
U05 - Div 8 (Girls) Julio Garneff
U06 - Div 7 (Boys) Roberto Mercado
U06 - Div 7 (Girls) Rudy Ramirez
U08 - Div 6 (Boys) Steve Hernandez
U08 - Div 6 (Girls) Jesse Vega
U10 - Div 5 (Boys) Carlos Lara
U10 - Div 5 (Girls) Mike Rios
U12 - Div 4 (Boys) Brian Falcon
U12 - Div 4 (Girls) Ernesto Zendejas
U14 - Div 3 (Boys) Jamie Castillo
U14 - Div 3 (Girls) Marcos Egurvide
U16-U19 (Boys) Div 1&2 (Area 11z) William Moreno
U16-U19 (Girls) Div 1&2 (Area 11z) Letty Calvillo
VIP Terry Madrigal
Coach Mentors Mario Salazar
Francisco Cerna
Robert Correa
Jaime Castillo
Marcos Egurvide
Ernie Corpuz
Jose Soria

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