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Practice Locations & Practice Schedule

Practice Schedule and Locations for the 2014 Fall season:
  • Apollo Park (M-Th) 5pm - 9pm (U19 M/W & U16 T/Th) - Starts on July 28th
  • Discovery Park - west end only (M-Th) 5pm to dusk (U10 to U12 Flex teams - Starts on August 18th
  • Rio San Gabriel (M & W Only) 5pm to 8pm - U13 to U16 Flex teams - Starts on Sept 8th
  • Doty Middle School - North Side Only (M-Th) 5pm to dusk - U10 teams - Starts on August 18th
  • Griffith Middle School (M-Th) 5pm to dusk - U12 & U14 - Starts on August 18th
  • Furman Park (M-Th) 5pm to dusk - U5, U6 & U8 - Starts on August 18th
                M - U5, W - U6 and T/Th - U8
U5 to U14 teams are not permitted to practice until August 18th.
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