Downey AYSO Region 24

Practice Locations & Practice Schedule

Please note the following change to practice locations effective 04/28/14:

Division Location Day (s) Time
BU19 Discovery M-TH 5pm - 9pm
GU19 Discovery M-TH 5pm - 9pm
BU16 Discovery M-TH 5pm - 9pm
GU16 Discovery M-TH 5pm - 9pm
BU13/14 GMS M-TH 5pm - dusk
GU14 GMS M-TH 5pm - dusk
BU12 GMS M-TH 5pm - dusk
GU12 GMS M-TH 5pm - dusk
BU10/11 Doty M-TH 5pm - dusk
GU10 Doty M-TH 5pm - dusk
BU08 Doty M-TH 5pm - dusk
GU08 Doty M-TH 5pm - dusk

Practice location Updates:

1) No one team will be allowed to take up more than 1/3 of a practice field.
2) No scrimmages taking up an entire field. Do not use the Region's goal nets for your practice.
3) Pick up all trash and bottles in your area after your practice.
4) Cars should not be blocking hallways or other traffic lanes.
5) Respect the teachers and staff of the school if they ask for help with the issues related to our teams practicing at the schools.
6) Minimize your practice size as much as possible. 

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