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Open Registration - Update


Open Registration for the 2015 Fall Soccer Season is now open. All players AND volunteers must complete the online registration application at and obtain an e-Signature (part of the registration process). Remember that the registration form isn't complete until it is electronically signed (e-Signature).

Use our Age Guide if you need help determining your child’s division.

Registration fee for the 2015 Fall Soccer Season is:

  • 1 player: $170 ($140.00 registration fee + $30 fundraiser opt-out)
  • 2 Players: $340 ($140.00+$140.00 registration fee + $30+$30 fundraiser opt-out)
  • 3 Players: $410 ($140.00+$140.00+$70.00 registration fee + $30+30 fundraiser opt-out, 3rd player does not pay the op-out)
  • U16/U19 do not participate in the fundraiser
  • We accept Cash, Check, or Money Order
  • Make check or money order payable to: AYSO Region 24

Players that received registration vouchers must pay the fundraiser opt-out or participate in the fundraiser.

At a time and place convenient for you go to on or after February 1st. There you can provide all the information you normally have to write by hand on an online form. When finished, print out 4 copies with e-Signature, date and bring them to one of our registration events (see below for a schedule of locations, dates and times). We'll have an Express Line just for those who have completed and signed the online application. Remember to bring four (4) copies of the completed forms, pay the player fees and you can be on your way!!! We strongly encourage that you take the time to visit our Frequently Asked Questions webpage for questions you may have about the Region or the program in general.

You can use the following PowerPoint Presentations to help you register online:

Returning Player PowerPoint

New Player PowerPoint

Remember... Please bring proof of D.O.B if you are new to the region.

Registration Dates:

  • Volunteer Registration: Thursday, March 12th @ Apollo Park from 6-9pm
  • 1st Open Registration: Thursday, March 26th @ Apollo Park from 6-9pm
  • Final Registration: Thursday, April 9th @ Apollo Park from 6-9pm
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