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Welcome to Downey AYSO Region 24. You have just volunteered for one of the most important positions in the region. We wish to thank you for the time and effort you have committed in order to make this season enjoyable for your team.

Yearbook Dedication Update

  • Yearbook dedications are due on:TBD
  • Pictures for division collages sheet are due on:TBD
  • Traveling team photos are due on:TBD
  • Sponsors are due on:TBD

Please submit the pictures to Ramon Vasquez at the information tent. Remember to put the information/dedication on back of pictures. The pictures will be returned at the end of the season and can be picked up at the information tent.

Fundraiser Update - No fundraiser for the 2019 season.

Q: What are my responsibilities?

The Team Manager is a crucial member of the team, offloading many duties from the coach so he or she can focus on the players. Although responsibilities may vary for each league, here are some general guidelines to help you with this new position.

  • Create a team roster to facilitate communication between the coach and the parents.
  • Create a snack schedule for the games. Half-time snacks should be nutritious. Orange slices and bananas are great snacks to keep the players’ energy going. Be sure to bring a trash bag to pick up trash.
  • Copying and distributing practice and game schedules.
  • Notify parents of their volunteer hours (check the website for weekly volunteer schedules).
  • Communicate changes in practice time or location or cancellation of games or practices. Some coaches may prefer to do this rather than the team manager.
  • Coordinating all aspects (forms, locations and times) for Opening Day/Picture Day. Make sure to let each parent know where and when Opening Day/Picture Day will take place, and how to order picture packages. Make sure to designate a location for the team to meet. Players should arrive in full uniform, jerseys tucked in, and groomed. The team is to line up tallest to shortest 20 minutes prior to assigned picture time.
  • Coordinating a team gift for the coach at the end of the season.
  • Arrange an end-of-season party. It is important to celebrate the team and each individual at the end of the season. This could be held at a local pizza place, or even a picnic at the field after the last game. Share the responsibilities for this job. Ask parents to help with food and drinks. Ask the coach to have a few encouraging words prepared to say about each player and about the team.
  • With all the responsibilities, remember to have fun, enjoy the kids and get to know the other parents.

Q: What will I get in return?

  • You will get to be part of the team.
  • You will get the coaches' undying devotion.
  • You may get a small gift at the end of the year.
  • Your child will get to see a real role model in action. It is important that we show our children that you don't always do something in order to receive a reward.

Q: What kind of gift is the team expected to give to the the coaches after the season?

  • That varies from league to league but most coaches do not expect anything of excessive value and would probably be embarrassed if an expensive gift was given to them. A sentimental or unique gift which reminds them of the team is best. Some of the best gifts are: framed pictures of the team, a ball, plaque or picture autographed by all the team members, or a small trophy.

Special Notes:
  • There is no rule that the team parent must be a 'mom'. There have been plenty of team dads in recent years who have done a good job just as there have been plenty of female coaches who have excelled in what was primarily a male coach's role in the past.
  • Stay organized. Be sure to have a calendar available for team dates as parents will often call and ask for time and dates of games or practices since they have lost their own schedule.
  • We highly recommend you familiarize yourself with the Downey AYSO Region 24 website. The website is updated on a regular basis with important information. Make sure to frequent the website for updates. Know where to get the information you are looking for and if you can not find it, please contact the corresponding Downey AYSO Staff Member. For a list of AYSO Region 24 Staff Members, please click here.

To obtain a copy of the Team Manager Handbook, click here.

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