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U12 Boys League Schedule

Team Coach Name Team Name

U12B01 Sidney Salazar Blue Knights

U12B02 Luis Narrete King Cobras

U12B03 Marlon Valdovinos Ghost Riders

U12B04 Galaxy Dragons Anthony Lopez

U12B05 Cesar Aguilar Green Panthers

U12B06 Carlos Regalado The Dark Knights

U12B07 Alex Martinez

U12B08 Carlos Hernandez

U12B09 Lorenzo Cazares

Date Time Visitor Home Location Ref Team
9/10/22 8:00 AM U12B04 U12B01 GMS3 U12G02

9:15 AM U12B03 U12B06 GMS3 U12G04

10:30 AM U12B02 U12B08 GMS3 U12B03

10:30 AM U12B05 U12B07 GMS4 U12G06

11:45 AM U12B09 U12B01 GMS3 U12B05

9/17/22 8:00 AM U12B08 U12B05 GMS3 U12B01

9:15 AM U12B01 U12B02 GMS3 U12G05

10:30 AM U12B06 U12B04 GMS3 U12G03

10:30 AM U12B09 U12B03 GMS4 U12B07

11:45 AM U12B07 U12B05 GMS3 U12B06

9/24/22 8:00 AM U12B02 U12B06 GMS3 U12G03

9:15 AM U12B04 U12B09 GMS3 U12B02

10:30 AM U12B05 U12B01 GMS3 U12B03

10:30 AM U12B07 U12B08 GMS4 U12G04

11:45 AM U12B03 U12B02 GMS3 U12B07

10/1/22 8:00 AM U12B01 U12B07 GMS3 U12G01

9:15 AM U12B06 U12B05 GMS3 U12B02

10:30 AM U12B09 U12B02 GMS3 U12G02

10:30 AM U12B03 U12B04 GMS4 U12G06

11:45 AM U12B08 U12B07 GMS3 U12B09

10/8/22 8:00 AM U12B02 U12B03 GMS3 U12G06

9:15 AM U12B05 U12B09 GMS3 U12G03

10:30 AM U12B07 U12B06 GMS3 U12B04

10:30 AM U12B08 U12B01 GMS4 U12G02

11:45 AM U12B04 U12B05 GMS3 U12B08

10/15/22 8:00 AM U12B09 U12B07 GMS3 U12G05

9:15 AM U12B06 U12B08 GMS3 U12B07

10:30 AM U12B03 U12B05 GMS3 U12G04

10:30 AM U12B04 U12B02 GMS4 U12G01

11:45 AM U12B01 U12B06 GMS3 U12B02

10/22/22 8:00 AM U12B05 U12B04 GMS3 U12G05

9:15 AM U12B07 U12B03 GMS3 U12G01

10:30 AM U12B08 U12B09 GMS3 U12B07

10:30 AM U12B01 U12B06 GMS4 U12G04

11:45 AM U12B02 U12B04 GMS3 U12B01

10/29/22 8:00 AM U12B03 U12B08 GMS3 U12G02

9:15 AM U12B04 U12B07 GMS3 U12B05

10:30 AM U12B09 U12B01 GMS3 U12G06

10:30 AM U12B02 U12B05 GMS4 U12G03

11:45am U12B06 U12B04 GMS3 U12B09

11/5/22 8:00 AM U12B06 U12B09 GMS3 U12G02

9:15 AM U12B08 U12B04 GMS3 U12B07

10:30 AM U12B01 U12B03 GMS3 U12B04

10:30 AM U12B07 U12B02 GMS4 U12G03

11:45 AM U12B05 U12B06 GMS3 U12B03

11/12/22 8:00 AM U12B08 U12B02 GMS3 U12G01

9:15 AM U12B01 U12B04 GMS3 U12G06

10:30 AM U12B07 U12B05 GMS3 U12B08

10:30 AM U12B06 U12B03 GMS4 U12G04

11:45 AM U12B09 U12B08 GMS3 U12B07

11/19/22 8:00 AM U12B03 U12B09 GMS3 U12G04

9:15 AM U12B02 U12B01 GMS3 U12G03

10:30 AM U12B04 U12B06 GMS3 U12G02

10:30 AM U12B05 U12B08 GMS4 U12G06

11:45 AM U12B07 U12B03 GMS3 U12B04

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